Testimonials & Photos

Package: Residential Cleaning - l Can’t Find My Kids!

What We Did: Moved furniture, de-cluttered, organized and deep cleaned.

Your organizational strategies have helped maintained order in the kid’s rooms. Not only does it look clean, it smells clean. Should have called 2 Girls and a Mop sooner. Thanks!"

- Jennifer S., Binbrook Ontario

Package: Value-By-Design - Tailored to suit the client's needs.

What We Did: Furniture and items were purchased for a fresh, inviting and modern appearance to entertain business co-workers and formal family affairs.

The furniture is perfect, and my friends and co-worker find the dinner table delightful. For my next project l will definitely call again."

- Kelly T., Hamilton Ontario

Package: Value-By-Design - Turn My House into HGTV!

What We Did: Rooms were re-organized. Items were purchased and placed.

The family room was cold and boring, and now it’s cozy, warm and has such ambiance that surrounds the room. The TV console is organized and beautiful. I really didn’t know what to do for the fireplace, and Lori Lynn (decorator) took the time and listened to how l wanted the room to make me feel. And it was accomplished."

- Rosemary D., Burlington Ontario


Package: Value-By-Design - We Need to Sell!

What we did: Furniture, plants and knick-knacks were purchased for an immediate positive reaction for potential clients coming in through the entrance door

Our house wasn’t selling, so l called 2 Girls and a Mop and 1 week later it was sold! Your vision and keen eye for design can truly make a difference in how the house shows. Thank-you, thank-you thank-you!"

- Lisa D., Mississauga Ontario


Package: Value-By-Design - Tailored to suit the client's needs.

What we did: Took the client's vision and created a lively, fun, disco feel for their music/entertainment room.

You did it! It’s exactly what l thought l was thinking, but couldn’t put it in words. It’s like you could read my mind, l love it!!"

- Sean T., Toronto Ontario

Package: Value-By-Design - Turn My House into HGTV!

What we did: De-cluttered counters, cupboards and purchased items for a clean, streamline effect.

My kitchen was such a disaster, and didn't know what to do, or how to do it. Calling 2 Girls and a Mop was a stepping stone in helping me get organized. I am now organized and not embarrassed bringing guests over."

- Alecia T., Hamilton Ontario

Package: Residential Cleaning - Give Me the Works!

What we did: The adult room is now fully functionable, organized and de-cluttered with a few inexpensive items purchased. Our intention was to create a relaxed and calming atmosphere.

Now l can sleep, thanks to you!"

- Gina F., Toronto Ontario